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Update   08/03/2011
Group   ประถมศึกษา

"Five years ago, Skirlaugh Primary School in Yorkshire was in special measures. Today, it wins awards and its most recent Ofsted report lauded it as ""outstanding"". This programme explores their transformation, focusing on the central role food and fitness occupy in school life. Headteacher Barbara Hoggarth's ""whole-school"" approach is seen to have helped turn things around. This involved putting citizenship and physical, social and health education (PSHE) at the heart of the curriculum, and insisting that healthy diet and regular exercise be an integral part of every school day. Every break time, Skirlaugh is a hive of organised activity. With an adventure playground, a giant chessboard, sports equipment, sun-shelters and ""buddy benches"" to choose from, every child is occupied - and bullying has been dramatically reduced. This programme illustrates: How to make food and fitness a core school value How better fitness programmes reduce bullying How one school has taken on board the Government's Blueprint for Healthy Living"

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